1. What is Del Taco’s primary business?

Del Taco (NASDAQ: TACO) offers a unique variety of both Mexican and American favorites such as burritos and fries, prepared fresh in every restaurant's working kitchen with the value and convenience of a drive-thru. Del Taco's menu items taste better because they are made with quality ingredients like fresh grilled chicken and carne asada steak, hand-sliced avocado, hand-grated cheddar cheese, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, and creamy Queso Blanco. The brand's campaign further communicates Del Taco's commitment to providing guests with the best quality and value for their money through cooking, chopping, shredding and grilling menu items from scratch. Founded in 1964, today Del Taco serves more than three million guests each week at its approximately 600 restaurants across 15 states.

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2. How many restaurants does Del Taco own and operate?

Del Taco and its franchisees own and operate approximately 600 restaurants in 14 states. Del Taco owns and operates approximately 300 of the stores in its system with the balance owned and operated by franchisees.

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3. Does Del Taco franchise restaurants?

Yes. For more information, please visit our franchise website at www.deltacofranchise.com.

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4. When and how did Del Taco become a public company?

Del Taco became a public company on June 30, 2015 through a business combination with Levy Acquisition Corp.

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5. On which exchange is Del Taco’s common stock traded? What are the ticker symbols?

Del Taco’s common stock is traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol TACO

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6. How can I purchase shares in Del Taco?

Shares in Del Taco can be purchased through your full service or discount stockbroker. You cannot purchase them directly from Del Taco.

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7. Does Del Taco pay a cash dividend?

Yes. The Company’s first quarterly dividend of $0.04 per share of common stock is payable on February 23, 2021, to shareholders of record at the close of business on February 2, 2021. While the Company intends to pay quarterly cash dividends for the foreseeable future, all subsequent dividend payments will be reviewed quarterly and declared by the Board of Directors at its discretion.

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8. Where can I find Del Taco’s most recent SEC filings?

Our SEC filings are available on our Investor Relations website and accessible by going to our SEC Filings section. They may also be found on www.sec.gov.

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9. When does Del Taco’s fiscal year end?

Del Taco operates on a 52- or 53-week fiscal year ending on the Tuesday closest to December 31 for financial reporting purposes.

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10. Who is Del Taco’s auditor?

The auditor is Ernst & Young LLP.

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11. Who is Del Taco’s transfer agent?

Transfer agent is Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company.

Their telephone number is 212.509.4000.

Their address is 17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004.

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